Building a XSPICE codemodel outside of the Ngspice source code

11 April 2020

The Ngspice manual (PDF) describes how to build a XSPICE Codemodel within the source code of Ngspice. In this article I describe how to compile a codemodel only using the installed Ngspice version of your favorite Linux distribution.

DIY PCB: Vom Design zum fertig best├╝ckten STM32F07-Breakout-Board.

29 March 2020

Ich habe meine erste Platine entworfen, produzieren lassen, best├╝ckt und programmiert. Dieser Artikel fasst meine Erfahrungen zusammen.

Website with Jekyll

19 December 2018

This website is genereted using Jekyll. The Step-By-Step-How-Two is great but I missed some information which I documented here.